EAR:: How we will get there

'EAR:' Education, Advocacy, and Recognition

Education (of fans, and the general public) 

    • that music, like most art, doesn't just 'happen:' it requires substantial preparation
    • that the money they pay to see the band doesn't necessarily go to the band. 
    • that musicians are generally guaranteed zero for a performance
    • the difference between a hobby and a service

Advocacy (on behalf of Musicians) 

    • the difference between a hobby and a service
    • 'exposure' is almost always a myth
    • performing 'for the love' devalues everybody
    • musicians allowed this situation to backslide, and, together, can raise it back up
    • Empowering musicians to take action

Recognition: Fair Trade Music will  

    • Partner with and actively promote signatory live venues - musicians can't thrive when venues are struggling.
    • Promote an atmosphere of mutual support and collaboration between musicains and venues
    • Build a brand of quality music that brings in more customers who'll want to stay - - and come back

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