Why Fair Trade Music?

The current situation in most live music clubs is Inequitableunsustainable, and inhibits good music-making. 

Many people don't realize that most live music venues 

    • provide zero wage guarantees to musicians
    • require that musicians pay support personnel out of pocket
    • do little to no advertising or promotion
    • rely heavily, if not exclusively, on musicians to bring them customers

The stereotypical "Musician Lifestyle" practically defines unsustainability.  

Financial factors force many musicians to 

    • Leave the profession before they reach their potential  
    • Tour constantly, performing rarely, if ever, in Portland

Inhibits good music-making

Good music, like any art, requires substantial preparation.
Between jobs and promotion, musicians have very little time to prepare. 
Instead of focusing on their craft, musicians are expected to:

    • be responsible for bringing a vast majority of the fans -- the club's customers
    • do most of the advertising on their own time, at their own expense.
    • perform for zero guarantees
    • guarantee wages for other support personnel, e.g. sound, door, etc.  
    • Work other jobs in order to make a living
Ultimately, fans rarely get to hear musicians at their best.
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